Does anyone elses' ears burn when they blush?


I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE this blog! It helped me come out of my shell. I'm still shy but I'm getting better. Thank you for this blog :D

awesome thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's this guy that I like and he's really outgoing, funny and nice and he talks to me and teases me a lot and it's really cute but of course I'm not sure if he actually LIKES me. I kinda want him to ask me to prom but I I'm also pretty shy around him. Do you have any tips?

i have absolutely 0 tips or knowledge of anything boy related 

Me and my cousin (who lives half way across the country) used to email all the time. And we were kind of close, but when we met after like 4 years without seeing eachother in person it was really awkward because we are both extremely shy. Whoops

Ya seeing each other for the first time in a really long time can be pretty awk at first

I hooked up with this guy 3 times over this semester but am always too shy to talk to him while I'm sober. Do you think he'd hookup with me again or not because I avoid him cause I'm too nervous/shy to talk to him when I'm not drunk?

i mean if you did 3 times already he probs would 

is it weird to ask someone from school to hang out even if you haven't talked to them in a month because you were to shy?

Kind of depends on the situation. But no I don’t think so?

my boyfriend of 6 months recently told me how his brother came to him and expressed that he's upset with how quiet i am. i don't know how the conversation between them went word for word but after what my boyfriend told me i wouldn't be surprised if his brother is misinterpreting my shyness for rudeness. i feel like if me and my boyfriend's relationship becomes more serious in the future, this could cause problems between me and his brother. what all can i do to make his brother understand?

Well you’re boyfriend could have cleared things up. But just try and be polite and friendly towards him. His problem with your shyness is his problem, not yours.

Can a very shy person ace a job interview

If they’re good at hiding their shyness

If I like someone I usually try to find their Tumblr and talk to them on anon so they don't know it's me. I like talking to them, but when they ask me to come off anon I get so incredibly freaked out because I don't want them to find out it's me they're talking to because they might thing I'm weird or they'll make fun of me and I really wish I wasn't like this.

But they like u on anon and want to talk to you do they’d like u off anon too. But I understand what u mean

do you know any other blogs that give advice to shy people? :)

only one i know of is

but she hasn’t been on in awhile 

hi im a girl who has friends by association at church but when i go i donot go to or speak to them i dont even pay attention to what they are talking about. i am a twin and now that my twin is gone away to study i dont have a close friend to depend on. what should i do?

try and be friends with them if you want to

my school has like a "philosophy of teaching" and it involves socratic seminars in every class at least three times a semester. i hate it so much! usually it ends up in an argument between the two most extroverted people

socratic circles/seminars whatever are the literal fucking worst omg why do they exist

I used to be able to comfortably talk to people online but had a really hard time doing this irl. Now, I can't even talk to people online without trying to perfect what I'm saying or ignoring messages to spare myself the awkwardness of messing up. .-.


I always say "I don't know" when a guy asks me a question, but usually I know. Now people think I'm kind of dumb, but really I'm just too afraid to speak to them. My fear makes me as foolish as they come, to be honest.

i used to do that all the time

Today my friend was like"if I don't come to school are you gonna spend your whole day in the toilets " and It made me realize how unconfident and shy I still am

school without a friend sucks. at least you have a good friend who is concerned about you!!