apologetic notes for the socially inept

Sometimes I want to apologize for not being able to talk to people like a normal human being. So I made these.

I wish I could send one of these to everyone I know, to apologise for babbling incessantly about absolutely nothing, just because I’m lonely…

Do you consider shy/introvert/antisocial to be the same thing? btw, I feel if you weren't shy, you'd destroy everyone with your witty (or "rude") comments :p

no definitely not!! i think they are all very different and you can be one or two and not the others but i do think people often think of them as the same because they typically go together if that makes any sense idk. 

❝ why are you so shy ❞

- literally the dumbest question to ask a shy person ever (via letsvisitneverland)


"You’re so shy, you should open up more!"


FUCK WHAT THEM HATERS SAY OMG. violently cuddles u

be gentle

You're not funny and are rude. Why? Oh I already know the answer.. (In a butch voice)- "I don't know??????"

in a butch voice 

You're a bitch

i know

When people have actual problems with shyness you usually just blow them off and it's really rude. The part about being antisocial has nothing to do with it. It's the "you can talk to me" part.

oh my god 

musicmarshmallow replied to your post: anonymous said:what’s a song that…

this makes me happy

it makes me happy that that makes u happy 

thetallblondeblog answered your post: how do you quit a job???

Email your boss/supervisor and tell him or her that you need to hand in your letter of resignation.

i don’t have her email tho 

Tbh if youre always rude to the people who send you asks about "Shy people problems" why did you reblog that photo about ' shy doesn't mean antisocial you can talk to me blah blah blah'?

tbh i’m not always rude to people who send me asks and if i am that doesn’t mean i’m antisocial???? 

casualbarnowl answered your post: how do you quit a job???

write it out in a note that you’re giving your two weeks, when your last day will be. and give it to your boss. it’s what i did

i feel like i should do it in person though. but i might do that cuz shes rly intimidating and i’m super shy and awk around her