So I'm in 6th grade & I have friends but there's so much other girls I wanna meet & be friends with but I'm way too shy to go say hi! But, I really want to but to shy so what should I do?

i don’t know 

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I'm a wallflower, I see things but keep quite about the,..

thanks for sharing 

Ok, this is a middle school problem, I always sit alone at lunch because I don't want to sit next to the unpopular girls, and when I do they just ignore me. So then I sit next to the popular girls and they don't talk to me. I feel so lonely and I'm not even shy. It's like life never gave me a chance. Help? What should I do? Should I be like the girls that kiss up to them? Because there are only 13 girls in our class so I guess I should just sit next to the unpopular ones?

yeah that is a middle school problem. maybe don’t be so concerned about who’s “popular” or not, you’re just sitting with them. 


things to say if someone asks why you are so quiet

  • "i don’t have much to say"
  • (shrug with a smile)
  • "i like listening"
  • (with clenched teeth) “there are wasps in my mouth”

I really hate the way you respond to anon questions. It's like you don't even care but yet you run this blog for shy people.


Ok, I am in 6th grade n really shy in front of my teacher, what should I do ??

don’t be

I'm friends with someone. He and I met and became friends in March. I think he's a great, but ever since we knew each other, people always tell us "you two should go out" it's embarrassing. Is their a way to stop people telling us we should date?


I have acted in plays been in the paper and love being in parades. Im always with my friends though so I enjoy it more.IWhen meeting someone, if wee dont find something to talk about right away I get real shy and nervous arround them. I always get nervous at my dance recitals and also get real shy when Im put on the spot. Im trying to start Zumba classes at a dance studio, but what if I get real shy and freeze? How do I get past this? and why do I feel this way?

i don’t know??????????????? 

I was asked to come out last night by two of my friends who are kind of popular, but I've never met any of their friends they were meeting, so I said no! I always feel like the boring friend! What shall I do?

go out with them next time if you want. or if you don’t want to then don’t 

so im in high school and ive always kept my hair in a ponytail and i want to start leaving my hair out but im scared that people will think im trying to be cool or something. and i dont want people to say stuff like omg i like your hair, you look so different. i hate attention so much. also i want contacts and my parents agreed but if i do get them i need to put eye makeup on and i dont want people to think im a try hard. i think i should get contacts first and leave my hair out later. idk help!

one step at a time


that moment in a conversation when you suddenly become conscious of eye contact