I really hate the way you respond to anon questions. It's like you don't even care but yet you run this blog for shy people.


Ok, I am in 6th grade n really shy in front of my teacher, what should I do ??

don’t be

I'm friends with someone. He and I met and became friends in March. I think he's a great, but ever since we knew each other, people always tell us "you two should go out" it's embarrassing. Is their a way to stop people telling us we should date?


I have acted in plays been in the paper and love being in parades. Im always with my friends though so I enjoy it more.IWhen meeting someone, if wee dont find something to talk about right away I get real shy and nervous arround them. I always get nervous at my dance recitals and also get real shy when Im put on the spot. Im trying to start Zumba classes at a dance studio, but what if I get real shy and freeze? How do I get past this? and why do I feel this way?

i don’t know??????????????? 

I was asked to come out last night by two of my friends who are kind of popular, but I've never met any of their friends they were meeting, so I said no! I always feel like the boring friend! What shall I do?

go out with them next time if you want. or if you don’t want to then don’t 

so im in high school and ive always kept my hair in a ponytail and i want to start leaving my hair out but im scared that people will think im trying to be cool or something. and i dont want people to say stuff like omg i like your hair, you look so different. i hate attention so much. also i want contacts and my parents agreed but if i do get them i need to put eye makeup on and i dont want people to think im a try hard. i think i should get contacts first and leave my hair out later. idk help!

one step at a time


that moment in a conversation when you suddenly become conscious of eye contact 

Walking contradiction very outgoing yet VERY shy... I can make her laugh, but I can't tell her I like her... what is one to do?

If you can’t tell her then show her idk

My boyfriend is the exact opposite of me, hes the opposite race, he's shorter than me and he's not shy at all. I feel bad because he is perfectly fine with showing affection in public but I'm too shy to even hold his hand. I also don't want him to think that I don't want people to know that we are together. The struggle is real.

Tell him that

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If this isn't an advice blog then what exactly is it ? (Just a friendly question)

Well the URL is shy people problems and we post problems sometimes soooooooooooooooo

*busts through your door* HOLLER!!!!!!!!!