Ohhmygod all of this is so true ;w; And for that one person that said it was cute, it's really not it's annoying and I can never do anything and when I'm not with my friends I get ignored :(

ya its only cute to some people who are cute looking and stuff and only a little shy 

hi ^.^ just curious are you boy or girl?

we’re both girls

it could be :) like everything else it has its pros and cons

i mean if ur cute ur cute it probably doesn’t have much to do with your shyness 

this blog is so cute. shy people are so cute. omg like come to bed with me

being shy is not cute 

I have never agreed more with anything than everything on this page.


Once in 7th grade we had to give a speech in our english class and i wrote it but i was too scared to speak in front of the class so i said i didn't do it and got an F.

It sucks when you’d rather take a zero on something than present it

my shy crush's friend stares at me even though he knows I like him?...what does this mean

He likes to look at you

I was walking in the hallway at school the other day and passed a group of kids. They all fell silent and I could literally feel them staring at me. Having better then average hearing is both a blessing and a curse. I heard one them say that I looked really mean and cold hearted. And another called me fat. They started laughing and kept talking shit about me. I didn't even know them. Ever since then, I keep my head down when I pass a group of people. I hate being so shy I can't defend myself. :(

try and keep your head up when walking passed groups, and don’t worry about what dumb kids think of you. 

Do you consider yourself a wallflower??

usually, yes. 

The best time to wear a striped sweater...

is all the time

Well I was just wondering, I never talk at school, only to my friends on occasion, does that even make me shy or is something worse wrong about me?

i am not a doctor

I really like someone but i am to shy to even look her in her direction or anyone's direction. tried to start a conversation but she never herd a word i said and after one word I would run-out out of things to say and switch the subject to a question and quickly escape and on top of that no one seems to actually know i exist only teachers actually know my name. So what to i do ?

talk to her online 

So there's this guy I kinda like, and I've texted him a couple times.. But when I see him at school I can't talk to him? It's weird he doesn't even acknowledge me? What should I do I can't talk to him in person?

text him more and ask him to hang out or something idk 

What do you do when someone makes a joke or comment that you're going to bring a gun to school

tell them they better watch their fucking mouth in case you do cause they’ll be the first on your list.