Why do I remember this so well. (STORY)

I had switched schools in the middle of my sophomore year, even better in the middle of the school day. So when a group of people came over to talk to me one asked, “Are you ticklish?” I said “I’m not…No.” What I was really about to say is “I’m not fond of people touching me.” but I thought better of it and just said No.. and right afterwards I realized I said a mix of both and made myself sound stupid. (I also stutter when I’m nervous/embarrassed so that just adds to the fun.) I’m now about to start my senior year, and those kids still don’t remember my name. 


I think I’ve tipped the scale.

Today (June 8th) I went out to eat with my family and my out of town family. That makes eight people. Okay, so we went to Sonny’s. When you’re waiting on a table at Sonny’s they put you in this small waiting area thing and there were just so many people and I couldn’t breathe right and I was shaky and paniky and I wanted to vomit. I don’t know what that is. It just started happening. I mean, I’ve always been awkward and shy, but never around family and never to that point. And they’re staying at my house for now. That’s eight people in a three bedroom house. I’ve been hiding in my room because I’m literally scared of new people and I haven’t seen them in so long they’re like new people. I hate being this way. Anybody know how to make it better?


My story (from 6/7/12)

So today, a few things happened with this guy that I semi-like (the semi-like part is a different/weird story). Well first, I decided to give him a present (with a card), and after I had given him it, he had joked with me a little about the present. Then, a few minutes later, I decided to ask him sign my yearbook. He agreed to do so, and in my yearbook he had written me a little message, and in it he had written, word-for-word: ‘I wish we had more time to talk and get to know each other.’ With the help of one of my friends, I had gotten another chance to talk to him, because she convinced me to show him the next period (my friend and I’s lunch period and one of his free periods) a few pictures on my iPad that remind my friend and I of him. It was nice to actually be able to talk to him for once this year, because I’m (obviously) shy and had never really built up real courage to say more than a few words to him all school year. It’s a little bit… well, scarier for me, I guess, because this guy is a bit older and taller than me, and he’s not shy like I am, but he is nice. I wish I could have talked to him more this year, even if I needed my more talkative friend there with me for some support.


So I like this guy that’s three years older than me, and I can only ever manage to work up the nerve to try to talk to him on Facebook. It takes me forever to actually send a “hi” so I always seem to  finally try to talk to him right before he logs off… I’ve talked to him like, twice, and both times I just didn’t know what to say and I ended up being really awkward and shy…

- Shy-As Hell


I love to sing. Singing is a deep and emotional expression for me. I sing when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m angry. I have a song for everything. This past semester, even though my friends have said they enjoy my voice, I decided to take a Vocal Workshop class through my college, for the credits and because you can never have enough experience and practice.

I have no problem whatsoever singing in front of or around my friends but…

There were only about fifteen people in that class. All strangers. Two and a half hours long. We had to sing a new song we’d memorized, every class.

I cried almost every one of my first three classes…and then I started showing up late…and then I stopped showing up at all…



In my Chorus class, I had to sing a solo part. Though, when it neared my time to sing, I just couldn’t and everyone tried to get me to sing and I just wouldn’t. Then after class, my teacher said she wasn’t taking no for an answer, so, I have to sing a solo in front of the class. All because I’m shy I can’t do thishfdsiofj

- anonymous

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shy sucks

there’s this girl i really like school. she sometime pass me and says hi and i say hi back but after that i dont know what to say because my hard is bumping fast and there’s explosion going on in my pants because she was so freaking hot!!! so i dont want to say anything embarrassing. i wish i could be myself and have the nerve to talk to her. 

- anonymous

This guy ive been talking and started to like asked me to hook him up with this girl he say me standing with. i said no and he asked why not. i wish i could be more forward and hint some how tht i liked him.then we got our year books and he went through it pointing out every cute girl. all the girls are pretty and im just ugh.



I’m battling shyness everyday.  I know it’s hard but don’t go to drinking, it’s just another problem that will escalate, and it is just another problem you will have to fix on top of shyness.  I am here if you want to talk.  I am a spiritual person.  I think yoga works and little exercises, and take baby steps every day.


a few days ago i had to present my stupid titanic poem to my LA class and my teacher lacked understanding. i’m the shyest person in my class and she knows it. a lot of kids who wrote songs for the project who didn’t wanna sing for the class were allowed to have someone else who was willing, and my friend natalie was willing to do my reading for me. but NO! i don’t get that privledge. she threatened to make my project late if i didn’t present. when she called on me to present and she said i couldn’t wait, i was so lucky i didn’t burst into tears in front of the class.  ;_;


Shy otaku girl’s story

Once upon a time I was very shy…well I guess I still am. But ever since I could remember, I’d get picked on because I couldn’t respond to people when they spoke to me. It was horrible. One day, in high school, I managed to get pushed into the anime club by my guidance counselor where I met a great guy whom I instantly fell for. Over the next 3 years I’d make small talk with him and slowly became friends with him. I painfully watched him go through 3 girlfriends. Then the summer after he graduated we began to hang out as buddies. One day he asked me out to a movie with his family. I thought nothing would happen but then he slowly started leaning towards me and placed his arm over my shoulder. I was petrified. I liked him but I’ve never been hit on before. I had no idea what to do. After god knows how many minutes I moved his arm away, not because I didn’t like it but because I liked it too much and had no idea what to do besides that. We spoke and hung out after that, neither of us mentioned what happened at the movie. Then, like the lame-o I am, confessed over email that I liked him and explained why I acted like I rejected him. It was so difficult to admit even over the internet. It was too embarrassing!! We’ve been going out for 3.5 years now. Ever since I’ve gone out with him, I’ve gotten more confident with people and made more friends. He thought me how to talk to people. We often fight now and I have even broken up with him in the past. I realized that I really don’t know what to do without him. I love him so much. Now excuse me as I watch MLP (stupid bf got me into it lol) BE WHO YOU ARE!!


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I’ve noticed that there are some blogs and threads where people flat out say that they hate it when others are shy. As a shy person myself, I can’t help but feel upset.

Being an introvert in an extroverted society is hard enough. We don’t need to be insulted for being different as well. This is like an athletic group of kids saying how they hate the uncoordinated kids and wish they’d just get over their asthma.

The reason why we’re shy is because we’re worried others won’t like us and are judging us. So posting things like “I hate shy people! Why can’t they just grow a spine already!?” only confirms our suspicions and make us want to avoid social interaction even more.

And what’s worse is that these people are getting away with saying  those things because shy people are often too nervous to talk to them and tell them to stop.

People need to be respectful and patient with those who are shy. But I guess it’s a lot easier to just go online and rant about them instead.


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Today, as I was trying to get to class as fast as I could to avoid social situations, I fell up the stairs.

What’s worse is that the stairs were crowded.

I can’t ever show my face again. ]:


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 I lost a book for a class, so I had to purchase another one. It was only about thirteen to fifteen dollars, but the problem was trying to look for it myself, in the store. An employee asked me if I needed anything, but I told them I was just looking around. Right as I said that she was about to leave, but I then said, “Well, I’m actually looking for a book in… specific.” and asked her where it was. She tried to make small talk, but I felt very uncomfortable. 

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Instrument of Torture

For band class we had to go to a retirement home to play our trio/duets for them and mine was really hard. I wasn’t very good, but I was okay. The thing is once the people came in I lost it. Also my crush is in band so I was flipping out. Then when I played I literally was horrible. SO SO SO BAD. -.- 


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